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Door Access


  • Antennas
    • local wifi / personaltelco
    • cubesat ground tracking / ISS receive
    • airplane transponder receive
  • Quadcopter hangars


  • was:routerboard doing traffic analysis / web interface / upstream connectivity report
  • is: Intel NUC with Arch Linux

Back Yard

  • Buried ethernet to the garden
  • Bike parking
  • pull-up bar, diy jungle gym

odd jobs

  • Monitor the 3D print queue (octoprint/etc), remove the last print from the printer, start the next one
  • Review the webcam motion captures
  • (future)Grind the old pla prints into bits

config notes

  • MotionPie

./ -d /dev/sdb -i motionPie-20150112.img -n CTRLH:3216549870 -s

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