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Android Comparison

2010 Dec
Nexus S Dell Streak
size 63mmx123mmx10mm 129g 152mmx79mmx10mm 220g
screen 4“ 800×480 5” 480×800
cpu 1ghz cortex A8 1ghz snapdragon
GSM 850,900,1800,1900 850,900,1800,1900
HSPA 900,1700,2100 850,1900,2100

tmobile requires AWS band 1700up/2100down for 3G data

2011 Mar

“It sounds more and more like Google is planning to make a big splash with an Android 3.1 release later this year. The upcoming Nexus S 4G for Sprint will be one of the first smartphones to receive this update, but we guess a yet-to-be-revealed Android 3.1 device is planned to become the flagship introduction for this specific release.

With Qualcomm's third-generation Snapdragon, TI's OMAP 4, Samsung's Exynos 4210, and NVIDIA's Tegra 2 3D chipsets all going into various super-smartphones this summer, there's little doubt that the first Android 3.1 smartphone will be powerful.

The upcoming HTC EVO 3D is the first officially announced smartphone featuring Qualcomm's third-generation Snapdragon chipset, while the LG Thrill 4G will be sporting TI's new OMAP 4 chip. The Samsung Galaxy S2 will come equipped with the Samsung Exynos 4210 chipset.

We've yet to see any devices being leaked with NVIDIA's Tegra 2 3D chipset under the hood. Could AT&T, Google, Motorola and NVIDIA be working on bringing a top-secret Android 3.1 smartphone with 4G LTE connectivity to market in Q3 2011? Only time will tell, but we strongly believe Google is planning to make a big Android 3.1 + 4G LTE splash this summer. ”

“In May, Samsung expects to begin shipping the Galaxy S2, the successor to the Galaxy S. It has a 4.3-inch WVGA Super AMOLED plus display is only 8.49 mm thick at its thinnest point. Samsung is already working on the next generation of OLED displays, officially known as OLED Max.”

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