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  • low circulation in hands and feet
  • constant thirst
  • craving for natural sugars
  • frequent urination
  • generalized anxiety
  • easily fatigued
  • low-quality sleep

theory: diabetes. blood sugar measure: 82,82,110 (low end of normal) (taken after waking for 3 days)

  • numbness feeling in extremities at night
  • wake up at 4-5am due to painfully full bladder, then relief after small amount of urination
  • difficulty starting stream of urine only during 4am wakeup

theory: enlarged prostate. doctor checked. turned out ok.

  • half-sided smile only right side of face

theory: right-brain damage (affects left side of body)

  • very small bumps on face Summer 2007

todo: hypoglycemic test

prescription: klonopin. 0.25mg/day 17-March-2009 stopped on April 3. woke up on 2nd day noticing pounding heartbeat.

  • cant breathe through left nostril during sleep. snoring for the first 2-3 hours of sleep

theory: sleep apnea. get polysomnogram, CPAP machine 23-mar-2009

(June 2011) glucose test: 80-120, readings over weeks

theory: urinary tract infection

theory: damaged memory from long term cortisone overload

Other pages: sleep

(June 9 2021)

  • DEHA 117 Normal (range 71-375)
  • Testosterone (Serum) 838 Normal (range 264-916)
  • Testonterone (Free) 8.4 Normal (range 6-21)
  • Estradiol 21 Normal (range 8-35)

(Aug 2022) VisionWorks / Pacific Eye Group

OD +1.25 D.S. 08/24/22
OS +1.50 -1.00 140 08/24/22

June 2023

  • Arm spots
  • low energy
  • ADHD?
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