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Crowdfunding Site features and comparison.

general purpose contribution collection for projects public and private, small and large.

  • Price
name cost CC processor special features min funding 5% + CC fee amazon 4% + CC fee paypal/? collect any amount $500 3% + CC fee wepay 3% + CC fee on-site/godaddy 0% for now + CC fee poundpay 5% + CC fee paypal/wepay
  • Features
contribution rewards based on contribution amount X
fixed date project project closes at date X
fixed price project more contributors means less collected per contributor
stop price project closes once sufficient contributions are collected
private project a hard-to-guess url, anyone with the url can view, contribute
abort refund donations-to-date at any time
payment processor choice choice of payment processors
forever project project closes manually (1yr payment limit)
social point reward threshold Klout?
donor profile
donor subscription $10/mo, disbursed manually throughout the month, or auto assignment based on interests
funding level rewards unlock as total reaches limits
friends project facebook friends can view, contribute
  • Model details
Project name photo description amount due date *user
Contribution *project amount
  • Price for targeted crowdfunding sites
name cost market
rockethub 4% fee + 4% normalized CC fee “creative” projects
startersfund 9% + listing fee startups+incubating
fundraise 7.5% nonprofits


Payment Processors

  • Amazon Marketplace
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