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## Don Park

### Mission

To build blockchain systems that are secure, effective, and predictable.

### Skills

  • Studying and participating in blockchains since 2010
  • Effective in multiple programming languages and environments (Go/Node.js/Rust/Python/Linux)
  • 15 years of software development, documented in github; Linux tools; Cloud platforms
  • Quick to pick up new technologies; Good communicator and organizer

### Work History

  • / Javascript Architect (2008-present) [Sole Proprietorship]
    • Ingests streaming data from mobile clients
    • Android client, published in Play store
    • Node.js API backend
    • JSON over Websocket communications (multi-threaded)
    • Protobuf on-disk format for space efficiency
  • Yith / Rust Developer (2020 Jan - 2020 May)
    • Trade execution engine (receives orders from Nimbook (see below))
    • Smart Contract calls to 4 distributed exchanges (Ddex, IDEX, Switcheo, RadarRelay/0x)
    • Ethereum transaction building, encoding, signing and submitting
    • Profit/Risk monitoring and validation before submitting any transactions
    • Compute arbitrage price differences, track with influxdb/grafana
    • Built to quickly incorporate new exchange datafeeds
  • BlkMev / Blockchain Developer (2019 Apr - 2019 May) [project]
  • Cointhink / Full Stack Developer (2013-2015) [Sole Proprietorship]
  • Vault / Lead Javascript Developer (2016-2017)
    • 10-person finance startup in Portland Oregon
    • Achieved API compliance with APEX Clearinghouse for NASDAQ access
    • Wrote Node.js implementation of portfolio balancing with stock trades on NYSE/NASDAQ
  • Chroma Fund / Lead Javascript Developer (2015)
    • Early Bitcoin crowdfunding platform
    • Bitcoin colored-coin/non-fungible implementation from specs in Node.js
  • Coindust / Lead Javascript Developer (2015-2016)
    • Command line bitcoin wallet in node.js, using bitcoinjs library.
    • Builds bitcoin binary transactions, calculates fees
    • Published in NPM, still used today
  • Gluon / Lead Go Developer (2014-present) [project]
    • Go-Lang pub/sub json based async irc bot framework
    • Manages multiple javascript interpreter instances

### Education

  • University of Portland
    • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
  • Portland State Univ.
    • Graduate Dept in Computer Science (unfinished masters degree; all but Thesis)

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