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 Frame Frame
 http://​​hobbyking/​store/​__22607__Turnigy_Integrated_PCB_Micro_Quad_KIT_.html http://​​hobbyking/​store/​__22607__Turnigy_Integrated_PCB_Micro_Quad_KIT_.html
 +  Flying Weight: 145g (not including RX and battery)
 +  Width: 250mm
 +  Height: 85mm
 Motor Motor
 http://​​hobbyking/​store/​__5358__18_11_2000kv_Micro_Brushless_Outrunner_10g_.html http://​​hobbyking/​store/​__5358__18_11_2000kv_Micro_Brushless_Outrunner_10g_.html
-Kv: 2000rpm/v +  ​Kv: 2000rpm/v 
-Weight: 10g (With wires and mount) +  Weight: 10g (With wires and mount) 
-Suggested Prop: 7x5 +  Suggested Prop: 7x5 
-Suggested Power: 7.4v +  Suggested Power: 7.4v 
-No Load Current: .4a +  No Load Current: .4a 
-Thrust: 130g / 5000rpm +  Thrust: 130g / 5000rpm 
-7.4v no-load speed: 15000rpm +  7.4v no-load speed: 15000rpm 
-Peak Eff Current: 5.5A +  Peak Eff Current: 5.5A 
-Shaft: 2mm +  Shaft: 2mm 
-Diameter: 18mm +  Diameter: 18mm 
-Length: 30mm (including mount & shaft)+  Length: 30mm (including mount & shaft)
 http://​​hobbyking/​store/​__4318__TURNIGY_Plush_6A_8bec_6g_Speed_Controller.html http://​​hobbyking/​store/​__4318__TURNIGY_Plush_6A_8bec_6g_Speed_Controller.html
-Continuous Current: 6A +  ​Continuous Current: 6A 
-Burst: 8A +  Burst: 8A 
-BEC: Linear +  BEC: Linear 
-BEC Output: 5v/.8A +  BEC Output: 5v/.8A 
-Lipo Count: 2cell Guarenteed (3 cell capable but not warranted) +  Lipo Count: 2cell Guarenteed (3 cell capable but not warranted) 
-NiMH: 5-6 +  NiMH: 5-6 
-Programability:​ Programming card or Radio Controller +  Programability:​ Programming card or Radio Controller 
-Weight: 6g +  Weight: 6g 
-Size: 24x12x6mm+  Size: 24x12x6mm
 Battery Battery
 http://​​hobbyking/​store/​__7308__Rhino_610mAh_3S_11_1v_20C_Lipoly_Pack.html http://​​hobbyking/​store/​__7308__Rhino_610mAh_3S_11_1v_20C_Lipoly_Pack.html
-Capacity : 610mAh +  ​Capacity : 610mAh 
-Constant discharge: 20C +  Constant discharge: 20C 
-Burst rate: 30C (15sec) +  Burst rate: 30C (15sec) 
-Configuration : 3S 11.1v +  Configuration : 3S 11.1v 
-Pack size: 55x31x16mm +  Pack size: 55x31x16mm 
-Weight : 50.9g+  Weight : 50.9g
 +  5" x 3"
 +  ​
 +Bucket Cave
 +  current bucket: 24.1cm
 +  the mini quadcopter frame is 25cm, without motors
 +  props are 12.7cm
 +  width with props is 38cm
 +  ​
 +  CrazyFlie
 +  http://​​depot/​preorder-crazyflie-nano-quadcopter-kit-10dof-with-crazyradio-bccfk02a-p-1365.html?​cPath=170_172
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