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Mini Quad Copter



Motor Kv: 2000rpm/v Weight: 10g (With wires and mount) Suggested Prop: 7×5 Suggested Power: 7.4v No Load Current: .4a Thrust: 130g / 5000rpm 7.4v no-load speed: 15000rpm Peak Eff Current: 5.5A Shaft: 2mm Diameter: 18mm Length: 30mm (including mount & shaft)

ESC Continuous Current: 6A Burst: 8A BEC: Linear BEC Output: 5v/.8A Lipo Count: 2cell Guarenteed (3 cell capable but not warranted) NiMH: 5-6 Programability: Programming card or Radio Controller Weight: 6g Size: 24x12x6mm

Battery Capacity : 610mAh Constant discharge: 20C Burst rate: 30C (15sec) Configuration : 3S 11.1v Pack size: 55x31x16mm Weight : 50.9g

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