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  • Cob bench
    • plaster needs repair (bits have fallen off)
    • bamboo supports for roof are brittle.
  • Deck
    • railing is weak and will break at some point, both front and back.
  • Roof
    • one or two shingles come off the roof in each storm, not sure if thats “bad”
    • gutters are full of muck, causing rain to run down the siding instead of along gutters
  • Trees
    • Front apple trees need trimming at the top (currently 15-20ft high)
    • Large front tree branches are hovering over neighboring apartment bldg
    • Eastern neighbor's tree branch is touching/brushing on roof
  • Electrical
    • A circuit in the basement is not working (breaker pops after light usage)
    • Light above laundry is out


  • Facebook page for cob bench
  • Northern neighbor/owner - Chip, Paulo
  • Eastern neighbor/owner - Vlad
  • Southern (across the street) - Dolores
  • east of dolores - Jonathan, Shannon
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