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1st half February 2009:

  • Finish OAUTH (DONE)

2nd half February 2009:

  • Android Market Paid App (DONE)
  • Amazon FPS integration on the server (DELAYED)
  • free/lite version in the market (DONE)

1st half March 2009:

  • Documentation - add an RSS feed (DONE)
  • move server to
  • new front page
  • per-feed icons in Radar screen


Possible forks:

  • Common location sharing protocol (w/ Seth Fitzsimmons)
  • CouchDB
  • Analysis processes: stationary position → shizzow checkin
  • User-contributed analysis code. Sandboxed Ruby. or Yahoo Pipes-like.
  • Multiple write locations managed on the client
  • Support APIs for brightkite, shizzow, fireeagle
  • Show RSS entries less than X hours old
  • RSS entry proximity alarm
  • rails - Move sql data out of postgis, add geokit
  • rails - Move to ruby 1.9.1/rails 2.3
  • Support google latitude API when available
  • Activity Log (helps with GPS debugging)
  • Notification bar indicator of missing GPS lock
  • ajax map web page to continuously update user's location


(Dec 2009) 1st half January 2009

  • Authenticated URL between android client and rails server.
  • make a plan for taking payment. paypal, amazon FPS, credits.

2nd half January 2009

  • implement payment plan
  • general release plan (direct from, possibly android market)
  • general release implementation

(1 Feb 2009) Update 1st and 2nd half of January: OAUTH hell

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