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Weekend summer hackathon on the Oregon coast.

Possible Venue:

Date: TBD. Fri-Sat-Sun in May 2012 while still winter rates. use calagator and lanyrd to avoid big conference dates

Current working date: 2012 May 25-26-27


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Name has_car/needs_ride
Don Park needs_ride
Brennan Novak
Kirsten Comandich
Wraithan needs_ride
Cost per night$169
Nights (Fri/Sat/Sun)3
Rental tax8%
Cleaning fee$70
  • 4 peopke = $154.39/each
  • 5 people = $123.51/each
  • 6 people = $102.93/each
  • 7 people = $88.22/each
Suggested Dates

These dates look clear on and calagator ?

Thu Oct 6

/dev/fort Inspiration

no Internet, just local wifi. bring your own cache of wikipedia, github, etc.

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