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Common steps

  • Cafe signs up
  • Cafe registers their foursquare/gowalla/google-buzz location
  • Cafe creates coupon

Plan A

  • User follows coupon bot.
    • con: requires user to know about coupon service
  • Coupon bot listens to followees for checkins
  • coupon bot sends message user with coupon

Plan B

  • Coupon bot listens to registered locations.
  • Coupon bot tweets with user's twitter handle and coupon

API Research

PDX Airport most popular checkin spot in portland. The checkins for the last 3 hours are exposed.

curl -u login:password

    <created>Wed, 05 May 10 21:44:31 +0000</created>

The bot could have a foursquare account, and poll locations for which coupons apply. Messaging that person with the coupon is the next hurdle. Need a mechanism for reaching them, foursquare doesnt seem to have one. Also it could feel spammy to get notified at random when checking in.

$ curl -u login:password


Even though we are not foursquare friends, the contact information is exposed. Most conviently the twitter handle is exposed. A twitter account for this same bot could public-tweeet @user you've got a $1 off coupon at store X for the next 15 minutes! Any good twitter client will pick up that tweet in search.

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