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I just learned that the new macbook airs and macminis have bluetooth 4. (21-july-2011) with the iPhone 5 rumored to contain it. Assuming that includes the low-power mode, the sensor network is finally here. Oh wait this is Apple - they'll neuter it before shipping.

lowpower bluetooth4 is our best hope for spontaneous phone to phone discovery and messaging. (re: dating site)

— Dec 2012

Bluetooth 4le breakout boards

Client only
Chip: NRF8001
Part: $2.50
Chip: BLE112
Part: $18

TI CC2540
$50 out of stock, new version arrives Jan 2013

— March 2013

NRF51822 $2.50

With extra stuff? $13

breakout board ?

— April 2016

smart bluetooth / BLE TI CC2640


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