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19:42:37        donpdonp | can you name the extensions so at least we can refer to them in irc?
19:43:12           wagle | (1) I run a hacked esr52 to not double-space lists of tags
19:44:33           wagle | (2) I run my fixed version of editmarkplus to let me resize the individual bookmark editor.
19:46:02           wagle | (3) I run my github'd "tagspace-archive" to do complex queries on bookmark tags.
19:46:52           wagle | (4) I manually query and modify tags in order to run a daily workflow.  I really really need to automate that.
19:47:21           wagle | (2) and (3) are installable if I hand you the .xpi files
19:47:48           wagle | (1) is a minor patch to esr52 source
19:48:20           wagle | without automation, (4) requires you to be OCD or something
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