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- carisoprodol >:-DD ambien 86576 +The Raven Cafe 
 +once upon a cafe dreary, while i coded weak and weary, \\ 
 +over many a quaint and curious kilobyte of forgotten code. 
 +While I nodded, nearly crashing, suddenly there came a cracking, \\ 
 +As of some one gently hacking, hacking at my kernel's door\\  
 +`'Tis some cracker,' I muttered, `hacking at my kernel's door \\ 
 +Only .ru, and nothing more.
 +Ah distinctly I remember, it was in the bleak Portland November\\ 
 +and each caffinated hipster pressed their boots upon the floor\\ 
 +Eagerly I wished the mocha; - vainly I had sought to soda \\ 
 +From teh cooler surcease of buzz - buzz for the lost barrista - \\
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