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## Membership

  • continuous monitoring of services, person record created automatically from minimum amount of coherent activity.
  • result: every changing list of person records
  • helpful for a person record to have cryptocoin deposit addresses, gpg public key
  • perhaps manual adjustments of person associated with irc nick/github username/etc (indieweb me links?)

## Whuffie score

  • key/value pairs of {“username” :{topic:score, … }}
  • score = 0..1
  • example 'donpdonp' : { 'irc':0.9332, 'github': 0.712, 'reddit': 0.04 }

## Score rules

  • 'irc' rule
    • zrobo monitors nick presence in #pdxtech, counts the hours
    • zrobo counts lines spoken
    • zrobo counts number of times addressed by someone
  • 'github' rule
    • Account exists
    • Number of stars across all repos
  • 'reddit' rule
    • posts to 'important'/local reddits
    • karma
  • 'twitter' rule
    • activity?
    • social graph
  • 'ebay' rule
    • activity/rating
  • 'ask' rule
    • allow people to simply ask for more resources

## Basic income

  • paid in any crytocoin for which receiving address is available
  • amount based on available pool and whuffie score
  • optional: balance of deposit address is monitored, and 'amonut spent since last deposit' is considered. allows those who dont need it to opt-out by doing nothing.
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