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## Advanced Persistent Assistant

A network of sensors, artifical intelligence, and persuasive outputs collude to take advantage of a huge array of personal benefits that need dilligence, awareness, and persistence to engage in. Things a computer can be very good at. This assistant is subtly, persistently working toward an array of general life-improvement goals.

[        ------------            message bus            ---------------       ]

    ||                                ||                        ||
    ||                       [ Inputs / Sensors ]               ||
    ||                       [ Physical Location ]        [ Outputs          ]   
[ large pool of ]            [ Home indoor temperature ]  [ Cell phone alert ]
[ small subroutines ]        [ Price of ticket to LA ]    [ Web Post         ]

### Goal-seeking

Define life goals in specific results or in person value statements.

Example: Become a singer in a rock-n-roll band.

### Use Cases

Wake up, check the day's calendar. RML (Run My Life) has signed you up for a singing lesson that night, and added a calendar entry for it.

Assume the system knows when you are about to make a purchase. Selects optimal payment method such as a creditcard with reward travel points, working towards a higher goal of getting an airline ticket to an audition in Los Angeles.

=== Inspiration

  • “Freedom” by Daniel Suarez
  • “The Matrix” - when Morpheus is leading Neo through the office cubes away from the agents.

=== Existing implementation

A Freenode IRC bot called 'zrobo' is connected to inputs via redis values, and has a collection of subroutines in the for of javascript functions stored in tagged with 'neuronbot'.


  • Foursquare webhook informs zrobo of checkin
  • If an irc message is directed at me, zrobo responds with 'donpdonp is at …'
  • If venue is a food establishment, zrobo says donpdonp is *eating* at…
  • Response happens for 1 hour after checkin.
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