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## Don Park

### Mission

To study and apply consensus and blockchain systems to improve global efficiency and equality.

### Project and Work History

  • Maupin (2022 May-June) [project]
    • Blockchain monitoring for Maximal Value Extraction (MVE) operations on the Ethereum blockchain.
    • Rust and Solidity
  • Yith (2020 Jan-May) [project]
    • Trade execution engine (receives orders from nimbook project)
    • Smart Contract calls to 4 distributed exchanges (Ddex, IDEX, Switcheo, RadarRelay/0x)
    • Ethereum transaction building, encoding, signing and submitting
    • Rust language
  • Nimbook (2019 Nov-2020 Jan) [project]
  • BlkMev (2019 Apr-May) [project]
  • Bitcoin Script in WebAssembly (2018 Feb - 2018 Apr) [project]
    • Extracted the bitcoin script interpreter code (.cpp) to build with emscripten
    • Built web site to quickly evaluate bitcoin scripts on the “real” interpreter
  • Cointhink (2017-2018) [project]
  • Cointhink (2013-2015) [project]
  • Vault (2016-2017) [work]
    • 10-person finance startup in Portland Oregon
    • Achieved API compliance with APEX Clearinghouse for NASDAQ access
    • Wrote Node.js implementation of portfolio balancing with stock trades on NYSE/NASDAQ
  • Chroma Fund (2015) [work]
    • Early Bitcoin crowdfunding platform
    • Bitcoin colored-coin/non-fungible implementation from specs in Node.js
  • Coindust (2015-2016) [project]
  • Gluon (2014-present) [project]
    • Go-Lang pub/sub json based async irc bot framework
    • Manages multiple otto.js interpreter instances (same js VM used by geth)

### Areas of Study

  • Ethereum/WASM
  • Distributed Finance
    • interest-bearing contracts
    • 0xprotocol peer2peer market
  • Programming languages
    • Rust/Solidity/Nim/Zig

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