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 +(theres a jailbreak app called "​longitude"​ that will update your coords to latittude in the background)
 Don Park  http://​​latitude/​apps/​badge/​api?​user=5189588060747846772&​type=json Don Park  http://​​latitude/​apps/​badge/​api?​user=5189588060747846772&​type=json
 Max Odgen http://​​latitude/​apps/​badge/​api?​user=6808100900142655474&​type=json Max Odgen http://​​latitude/​apps/​badge/​api?​user=6808100900142655474&​type=json
 +Tyler Gillies http://​​latitude/​apps/​badge/​api?​user=864060340584737485&​type=json ​
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