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A simple system of micropayments from browsers to websites via HTTP headers and crypto coins.


Request Header

X-Page-Pay: “”

Response Header:

X-Page-Pay: “”

User Flow

Add to wallet

Click on UI button, btc address displayed for deposits, along with balance. 3rd party api required for balance check.


1 Browser's before-hook for any URL visit (url bar, mouse click, redirect, etc)
2 check URL presence on whitelist
3 If exists, add X-Page-Pay: "detail" to request headers
4 If not exists, do nothing
5 Check response headers for X-Page-Pay
6 If exists, light up UI button to indicate possibility of adding URL to whitelist 

Payment Policies

  • Rate Limited, Fixed Amount
    • Send a fixed amount Y to every visited page on the whitelist
    • Rate limit of X payments per URL per hour

Firefox addon

[UI button on main toolbar]

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