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-=== Say where I am === 
-POST location (location record) 
-=== Where is bob === 
-GET location id=bob's-url 
-=== Are there any friends near me === +== Say where I am == 
-POST nearby (location record) radius=5+give a location.
 +== Where is bob ==
 +give a url for bob, get back the latest track point for bob.
 +== Is there anything near me ==
 +give a starting location and a set of filters, get a list of track points back.
 +== Where is caseorganic? ==
 +brampitoyo and I were outside of Jive for the pdx-refresh event. We found her bicycle. She tweeted to be in one of two places both within a block of Jive (half-and-half or ace hotel). She was at neither. She had to be close though. A continuous location app would have helped (lets assume she carries a smartphone). If GPS is accurate to at least 50 feet, it would have confirmed which side of the block to look on.
 +== Augmented Reality game ==
 +yeah. do that.
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