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- nexium >:((( carisoprodol 02767 +== What is a location. == 
 +use the W3 spec for location 
 +Latitude \\  
 +Longtitude \\ 
 +Altitude \\ 
 +Accuracy \\ 
 +AltitudeAccuracy \\ 
 +Heading \\ 
 +Velocity \\ 
 +Timestamp \\ 
 +== What does it mean for an object to be at a location? == 
 +Given the frequency of updates, and the accuracy of the reading, an object exists in a probability polygon. A lat/long may put the person in the vicinity of their homeAn error estimate of at least 20 feet means the person could be anywhere in the homeThere are lat/longs that are impossible for people to be in, inside of walls for instance. So probability changes. Without the benefit of house plans, the first time traveling over a path defines that path as a >0 probability (openstreetmaps does this)
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