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## Cryptocoin HTTP Micropayments

HTTP Header ``` X-micropayment: [protocol] ```


  • “script” : base64-encoded txout script that must be present in the created transaction.
  • “amount” : bitcoin amount to be sent (optional, in which case the client asks the user).
  • GET /
    • 200 or 402: receives txout in headers. computes signed tx.
  • POST /
    • content-type: application/micropayment; sends signed TX
    • content-type: application/json; sends {tx: 'tx', refund: 'addr', etc.}

Fastest: client signs TX, hands to server (no bitcoin network involved). Server can selectively run various checks, including submitting to the bitcoin network and waiting, or trusting valid signature and recent balance.


  • payment info in http headers is likely to be lost when content is re-uploaded (eg, uploaded to IPFS).
    • Better to embed in HTML doc
    • other mime types? png/jpeg/mp4
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