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 < ArtForz> that and nobody else suddenly gets blocks < ArtForz> that and nobody else suddenly gets blocks
 </code> </code>
 += ATI Driver rev =
 +ArtForz> for 5xxx, anythong >= 10.10 seems to work well
 +sipa> but it's not like the stream sdk where you shouldn't use the latest version
 +ArtForz> nah 
 +ArtForz> I run 4*5970 on 10.12 no problem
 +ArtForz> seems to be even a bit faster than 10.10 
 +ArtForz> btw, the multiGPU slowdown and CPU hogging is limited to OpenCL in sdk 2.2/2.3, CAL works fine
 </code> </code>
 +<ArtForz> I mean, 6970 is pretty exactly as fast as 5870 for me
 +<retsilex> ArtForz: 6950 .. would you recommend it?  instead of 5870
 +<ArtForz> well... for 3D, yes, for mining.. no
 +<Diablo-D3> retsilex: 6xxx is useless for mining
 +<ArtForz> you need sdk2.3 for 69xx, which has broken OpenCL multigpu support
 +<Diablo-D3> retsilex: you're stuck with sdk 2.2 or 2.3, which is shit
 +<ArtForz> so unless you have a CAL miner, 69xx sucks ...
 +<Diablo-D3> retsilex: 6970 should be 15% faster than 5870
 +<Diablo-D3> but its not
 +<Diablo-D3> because the sdk fucks you over
 +<retsilex> ArtForz: your desktop uses which sdk, which drier version? and what linux?
 +<ArtForz> debian sid, 2.6.32, fglrx 10.9, sdk 2.1
 +<foucist> ArtForz: i heard you were the guy to ask about the reason for the drop in stream processors between 5970 and the cards that come after :P
 +<ArtForz> foucist: pretyt simple really, 5xxx had pretty bad shader ALU use % in games on average
 +<ArtForz> so 6xxx got more fixed-function ahdrware, beefed up frontends, better mem controller, ... but shader ALU * MHz went down
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