gym goodness

Last fall I joined a gym. Its one of those things that I already knew was good for me, but for some reason stopped going years ago and forgot that it would be good to join again. When my office at the time moved into the Pearl, that put a rock gym just down the street, so I joined. It really helped me get through this winter and I persevered towards making it a habit. Now that I have more time to myself I go twice a week for about an hour per visit. Firstly I love having the pullup bar. Thats the easy part because its fun and going to the gym has to be fun for it to last. I do some barbell curls and some time on the elliptical trainer. The its on to the rock wall. Its a bit like a jungle gym at a playground. Its very important to have a chance to move your body in 3d, for example swimming, and in this case an overhang wall. I dont hold on for long but it feels great. Its become a part of my life and I'm glad and thankful for the time and available energy to make these visits.