runmylife Plan

In living my life, there is what happened and what has yet to happen. Its natural to think about or forecast what will happen in the future. Once time passes, that estimate can be compared to what actually happened. Feedback loops come from this and any number of variables can be improved.

  due: Tuesday 10pm
  goal: +1
    - area: ..home fence..
      goal: Take out trash

A stream of activities needs to be built up in an automated or semi-automated fashion. Thats the history. What I'm using is a simple web form with two activities, buy and eat.

This goal driven system exists to reach goals through searching decision trees. There is a set of measurements, inspired by The Sims, that must be maintained. A goal is either increasing or decreasing a measurement. The measurements are health [exercise, food, hygiene], environment [clean house, clean clothes], finance [enough for the next month of expenses], social [fun interaction].

This represents the entropy of the world, with the trash perpetually needing to be re-emptied.

  due: Sunday 
  goal: -1