VMs to Runtimes

A new level of compartmentalization is appearing in the form of embeddable language run-times.

[embedded language runtimes]

Running sandboxed, user-provided scripts becomes more desirable as the features of Internet services/websites increase in complexity.

In the neuronbot project, the javascript v8 engine was imported into a ruby script to run 'untrusted' code. The flexability of v8 to expose specific method calls to the ruby script allowed for safe data storage and http calls.

The neur0n project is a reimagining of this setup with the management of multi-language-VMs as the core. There is a small about of C++ to listen to a pub/sub channel (in this case, redis, but nanomsg in on the roadmap), where commands are received to launch a language VM and load it with the script contents of a URL. The first supported VM is mruby - the embeddable subset of the Ruby language.