a soup of logic blobs

The zrobo experiment is teaching me about a soup of logic blobs and a broth message bus.

The essential components to a blob is code and persistent storage. The code is javascript, executed in a v8 sandbox. The storage is provided by redis.

(say something here about complexity and emergent behavior)

The blobs that get used regularly are

  • location
    • where is <username>

      report the last location for username.

    • icecondor

      monitor locations of users and notice when they 'dwell' inside 300m for 20 minutes.

  • weather
    • temp <wunderground station name>

      display the last temperature reading for this station. also monitors the temp of a default portland station every 10 minutes and alerts when the temperature goes below freezing. also remember last-used station on a per-user basis to report the best station for that user with just 'temp'.

    • noaa <zone name>

      display any published alerts for this zone

  • cryptocoins
    • mtgox
    • coinbase
    • litecoin
    • dogecoin
    • coindesk

      coindesk pulls in the rss feed via this handy google rss to json service

    • btcwatch

      watches the mtgox price for swings larger than 5% inside 60 minutes (10 min poll)

  • miscellaneous
    • spacepeople

      query the spacepeople api every 10 minutes for changes to the list of people in space

    • github

      monitor the github status json url and publish any change notices

    • calagator

      search calagator for matching events

    • isgd

      monitor the conversation for long urls and post a shortened one via is.gd