Plan: Membership

The rise of bitcoin has been a wild ride, even after getting pushed from the mighty channel of coins into a slow moving river brooke of coins. I've spent much time pondering what I would do with a windfall. This is one plan.


You receive an unexpected, non-descript box in the mail.

In the box is a card and a set of instructions that enable membership in a special group of coders. Coders that work around the world and are backed by a foundation that allows for travel and project experimentation.

The card is a creditcard sized device with 'codename' on the front. An embedded NFC chip holds an encryption key. The instruction sheet has a URL that will load an Android app which can read the card and use the key.

One of the instruction steps is to order a debit card from the Google Wallet service. Deposits to your wallet from the foundation enable you to work from remote locations by paying for airfare, lodging, and food.