turntable.fm is one of those sites that the moment I read about it, a huge light turned on. of course! its so obvious! the pieces were right in front of us, they just had to be put together in a new way.

what i find especially interesting is live365. live365 has been around since '99. you could create your own streaming radio station and upload your own music to play. once there, anyone could listen. live365 did the hard part of getting arrangements with the record labels to allow this sort of playing. no more than two of the same artists within a half hour or something along those lines.

turntable.fm is a refresh of that idea, this time being much more collaborative and social. in a world of infinite content, curation creates value. this is crowdsourced curation thats easy to consume. i listen to music all day but to one or two favorites streaming stations. I miss out on a lot of innovation. crowdsourced DJing builds real-world social ties because people I know are (sometimes) DJing and I get to hear music I would not normally choose.