I feel my efforts recently have been narrow and rooted in desire rather than meaning. I consider myself fortunate to have control of most of my time. Recently I've been thrown back to quetsions of what am I working on, why is this important.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs helps me put things in perspective, and gives me a tool for thinking about whats important. Numbering the levels from the bottom, I feel secure in levels 1 and 2. Level 3 definitely lacking. Level 4 has a foothold. Level 5 works out in very specific subject areas.

Looking outward at the world in an abstract sort of way, it seems to me that a useful goal is to get as many people as possible as high up the chart as possible. So which group to focus on helping? And does asking that question make sense without having some actual people in mind? Maybe its best to just find whoever is easiest to access and help them. Maybe its better to think about people struggling at the lowest level.

The hammer I'm most comfortable and effective with is software development so i look for those kinds of nails. One good example of which is using Open Street Maps to  improve the road maps in Haiti after the earthquake.

The Everyone Delivers project I work on has a certain social good aspect to it. The economics of transportation will make people living close to the requester the cheapest option for delivery. Meeting people in your neighborhood is assumed to be a good thing, even just once.

Its winter now and while I find the cold invigorating in small amounts, being warm is one of my favorite things. I'd rather be too hot than too cold. It is an obvious way to help, if not an easy way, by keeping human beings sheltered from the elements.