hello bitcoin

About a month ago i was introduced to bitcoin. Now im completely hooked and facinated by it. There is so much to say about it I dont know where to begin.

The first thing I can say is economics itself is fascinating because of the questions it asks. It asks what does money mean? How does money influence people's behavior? Its at least half psychology. At the same time its highly measurable and observable.

The personal computer and the Internet has created the greatest playground for value transfer in the history of mankind. There is so much in my head about it that I'm having trouble writing about any piece of it. The amazing properties of cryptographic strength, the real-world implications of infinity, how convention can be just as powerful as encryption. There are existing markets with real volume (10000+ bitcoins traded per day). There are people dedicated to running the hardware to create bitcoins and they exist because of how the rules of the bitcoin economy were laid out.