Skyline: Worst. Film. Ever.

The reason this film is memorable is the sheer volume of what is wrong with it. I walked out of the movie feeling slightly amused, but mostly confused and robbed.

The opening credits are the first giveaway that something is amiss. Remember how Spaceballs opens with an impossibly long commandship that reveals itself over 3 or 4 minutes? This film opens with "An XYZ Film" "An AJB production" "A Pretentious Productions production" "Plotless Films in assocation with RipOff Cinema" for about 8 slides. It was honestly comical.

The entire film takes place in a condo building when it desperately needed more sets. The first 1/4 of the movie builds up the relationship of the two main characters based on the concept of "Isn't having lots of money great?!" "Yeah lots of money is great!", then kills one of them early on for no reason and never brings him back. At the same time extremely minor characters are regurgitated by dead aliens back to life.

The movie had maybe 1/10 the dialog of an actual film. Grunts, screams, and whimpering make up the rest. No alien can ever die but each alien can take a highly variable and nonsensical amount of damage. Fake predator drones are used in the film and some kind of fake B2 stealth drones that fly like a falling flower petal approach the alien mothership. The last remaining drone fires a missle that takes out the mothership, which crashes spectacularly, then the characters watch in horror as the mothership reassembles itself. I think they honestly played the crash backwards.

After killing off the best character, a completely unlikable building employee somehow takes over the show and that's when I started rooting for the aliens. The action is so bad there is a 2 minute clip where time-lapse video is used in what looks like the director himself is skipping past the bad parts. The only plotline that is not resolved by running or shooting are two references to a large sailboat and marina "two minutes away" - a place the characters never reach. All the while the condo building shots get increasingly dull.

One memorable scene is after the whole movie seems to prove they cannot leave the building and death by aliens is inevitable, the remaining two lead characters are trapped on the roof, with one injured and unable to walk, and a 200 ton alien bearing down on their position, when one says to the other "you go on, save yourself".

About 95% of the way through the worst movie I may have ever seen, it takes a hard left turn into CGI-crazy-town. The CGI is the only well-done part of the film so I guess they figured they might as well finish with all CGI. They go inside the alien ship. Its a gross-out-fest of slime and alien limbs, with some Matrix-esque shots of fields of humans being harvested. Not the efficient bubble-pod-fields of humans, but dozens of people covered in slime and cables lie down on the floor and squirm around a lot. Saves a lot of money that way.

While unlocking my bike outside the theater, I asked the person next to me if they had just come out of Skyline. He said "Yes but you're the only person I'll admit that to."

In short, don't see this film. Dont rent this film. Just let it die. We'll be safe until Skyline 2, which is already listed at imdb.