IRC and Abundance

One of the freedoms that comes from education is the realization that knowledge provides a feeling of abundance. Songs on mainstream radio talk about material wealth and possessions. The realization that knowledge has utility and value much like a dollar or a ring opens worlds of possession beyond count. I think its a better approach to satisfaction. Once it is understood how infinity manifests itself in, well, infinite ways, it can feel like Bilbo Baggins entering Smog's lair inside Lonely Mountain, filled with piles of gold and jewelery.

"The Cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths Of exquisite interrelationships Of the awesome machinery of nature" --

I find it interesting that IRC exposes a kind of infinity. If you were to design a system of chatrooms, it might be tempting to say there are system operators and when someone wants a chatroom, they ask a operator for permission and then it gets approved, yada yada. Instead, IRC starts with an infinite number of rooms with no access control. A room is created from your desire for that room to exist. You can be king of your room or any number of other rooms that haven't been visited yet. This is much closer to the workings of the Internet, and I believe, reality in general. The room itself is freely available but starts with no value. Its value comes from who else comes to it. Access control and policy can be layered on a per-room basis.