Social Journal Maker

I was at the backspace cafe one Friday morning before the usual GeoFriday. I run into Beverly F. and talk about the potential for Facebook Credits. Facebook sells 'credits' for a dime. Facebooks apps offer games and services for those credits. The app owners redeem those credts back to Facebook for 7 cents. Facebook has 400 million users and its own currency.

So we brainstormed for a bit and came up with the Social Journal Maker. I put together enough guts to say hello. Literally. Just hello.

The *idea* though is that the app gets access to one's newsfeed history and formats that into a PDF. The first 5 pages are free and costs a credit a page after that or something. Beverly's relative has a somewhat related business of making stuffed toys using cloth with sentimental value such as a loved one's old jeans.