The Operator

There is something unexplored about the model presented in Max Headroom and The Diamond Age. A person living life, and another person that gives up part of their life to be a bridge between the first person and the world of the Internet.

The wikipedia article on The Diamond Age puts it best: "AI being depicted in the novel as having failed in its goal of creating software capable of passing the Turing Test. ... humans are able to earn a living as "ractors", interacting with customers in virtual reality entertainments. "

The field journalist in Max Headroom, has a constant voice link to his operator. The operator is an intelligent and intuitive person with excellent internet search skills. The journalist relies on the operator to answer questions and provide information that gives the journalist an advantage over other humans. The amazing communication power of cell phones is still awkward and too slow to respond to integrate into many daily activities. An operator could become a real job for people to service other wealthier people who want such a service.

When I was building EveryoneDelivers I though about an operator. A human that was aware of local jobs and alerted deliverers to jobs based on criteria that was too complex to code into the site itself. The operator in this case could work for a single delivery person or possibly as a dispatcher for a group of delivery people - an added service that delivery people would pay for since the operator is always online and looking out for their interests. Reminds me of a stock broker in a way.