Make Happiness Your Business Model

In the social network/advertising book by Tara Hunt, The Whuffie Factor, there is a small part on making Happiness your business model. It sounds fluffy at first but then made more sense. The book says some study determined four components for happiness: Freedom, Competence, Connectedness, and Self-Esteem. You can make happiness your business model by having a product that addresses or enhances one or more of those factors.

Social networking addresses connectedness directly. Education addresses competence. I'd say automobiles and the transportation industry is largely about freedom (of movement). Self-Esteem is unique in that its the only internal factor on the list.

Does EveryoneDelivers have happiness for a business model? The Freedom comes from not having to go to the store. Connectedness comes from the relationship to the delivery people that you might use over and over. The delivery people are connected to the people making listings. Also earning money is a freedom.