aerobic or anaerobic emotions

one can go a long time without raising their heart rate. once the body starts running for example, there are noticeable changes. the saliva in the mouth feels different. feelings of hunger disappear. its as if the whole body can be a sponge or a pump for nutrients. to be seated or resting is slightly spongy so if the most activity you do is to walk from work to your car, you're never in 'pump' mode. its worth moving around some to feel that mode.

today i was thinking the same is true for emotions. im a listener. its my standard mode of interaction. if i were to look at the balance between listening and emoting, id say its 99% listening and 1% emoting. thats a bad day for me because there is a lot of feelings that dont get out. instead they go into the washing machine tub where they agitate and agitate for an indeterminate amount of time.