android directions

IceCondor will remain a continuous location tracking service. That was the original idea and it jives with the name. As new phone models come out I'm very curious to see how they are better or worse in GPS signal acquisition and GPS battery drain. So I'll put tracking back into the IceCondor client. It was taken out to focus on the RSS reading.

With the news that both facebook and myspace are exporting at ATOM feed that is compliant with ActivityStreams, the map-mashup will focus on that and get a new name.



The GET parameters you need to append to the URL are:

  • source_id: The user ID of the user whose stream you are accessing.
  • app_id: Your application's ID.
  • session_key: The active session for the current user.
  • sig: A signature verifying that the request is coming from your application.
  • read: (optional) A parameter whose presence dictates that your application is pulling the user's stream, provided your application has permission to do so.
  • v: (optional) 0.7 is the current release version.
  • updated_time: (optional) If you include this parameter with your request, Facebook will only include posts created after that specified time. Specify this parameter as Unix time.


docs{userId}/activities.atom (does not appear to work)