The paid-apps support is coming, probably on Wednesday. IceCondor is ready for deployment. v20090203 will be the version to go up on the market, baring any bugs found. Christ Messina (@factoryjoe) said he'd take a look at the OAUTH/OpenID signup and authentication process on Tuesday, which I'm stoked about.

What will happen for the first 5 days after the paid app ($3) launch is anyone's guess.

possibility 1: around 100 downloads / $300. people are confused about what it does or why its better than google latitude, or other tracking apps.

possibility 2: around 500 downloads / $1500. the target market of the G1-using population is reached - maybe 50 of those 500. The ones who really want continuous location tracking. They immediately ask for a lot more features.

possibility 3: around 5000 downloads / $15000. someone writes a good review in a popular android blog. the RSS reader part of icecondor does it job, and many people ask for more features. The location tracking / "writing" part of icecondor turns the little server into a smoking hole in the ground. i have to scramble like mad to get a powerful machine on a fast connection to handle the load.

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