IceCondor android release v20090119

The next release of icecondor, v20090119, has arrived. See the client download page for the latest .apk file to download to your G1 or Android powered cell phone.

Android Client. Source Code. Changes:

  • Location reporting is OFF by default
  • SQL table to hold multiple 'write' providers (only for now)
  • OAUTH based authentication for location tracking service provider
  • A prettier RSS icon for the GeoRSS menu item
  • A URL builder helper for and RSS URLs

Rails Server Source Code. Changes:

  • OpenID munging into a 'username' to help with RESTful URLs
  • OAUTH server side support
  • Reverse geo-encoding - the street address is displayed on the user location page
  • a public/private flag exists for every account. private means only the owner can see the location page. public means anyone can see the user's location page.
  • Created a user profile page to change public/private, add a logout button
  • Added a client download page to find the Android client software