Its time for another icecondor release. the apk can be found here. This is a big change for the client side. Its an implementation of the GeoRSS Reader idea mentioned earlier. Any RSS feed that contains the <geo:lat> <geo:long> tags can be entered into the icecondor client. The client periodically polls this feed and stores the values to the sqlite database on the phone. The radar screen then uses this data to read the last entry for each RSS feed and puts a touch-sensitive marker there.

changes since v20081208:

  • GeoRss List Screen
  • GeoRss Detail Screen
  • GeoRss updating by the pigeon (background service)
  • Parsing the GeoRSS Data by the Radar
  • the Radar places a dot for the last RSS entry of each feed
  • touch the mark to get a short text display of its contents
  • Pigeon notification warns when GPS is configured Off
  • Pigeon notification confirms when settings are updated
  • Pigeon reports GPS heading and velocity values (not used yet)

The GeoRss functionality can be seen here: