laptop nation

i watched the wifi revolution happen from 2001-2004. i used to be shocked when a cafe had almost every since patron in front of a laptop. i was amazed anew tonight when i walked into the bagdad brewpub at 6pm and almost everyone, in a bar, was in front of a laptop. i made a comment about it to the bartender and someone at the bar, behind a laptop, said its either work here with beer or at a cafe with coffee.

each person is esentially looking down a long tunnel to the service they are using. blissfully unaware of the activities of others around them. apple's zeroconf aka bonjour is underutilized. there is opportunity in getting these same-place computer users to know something about who others are and what they are doing.

cell phones are the new PC. at some point cell phones will make a leap into wearable computing and heads-up-displays. then we'll always be connected in a sense, while giving up some connection to the real world.