IceCondor for android alpha7 (v20081102)

the IceCondor client for android, alpha 7 is available here. experimentation continues as to when android feels its justified to power up the GPS, and how frequently the application will get a notice of a new location. the updates are set to every minute but come in at the rate of every second or two. a rate limiter has been added to the server push method to not push any faster than once every 5 minutes.

  • the source code for the android client and the rails server has been moved to git hub.
  • Reed Beels reworked the user interface to the client.
    • the on-off button is in the menu screen
    • the settings page has been replaced with an overlay
    • an activity spinner turns on when the radar page asks the server for location updates
  • updates appear to be turning on the GPS and posting at a reasonable rate