today has been just great

  • a two week old check-in of an accidental misconfiguration get deployed yesterday. it caused some downtime on one of the production servers. got a cranky email from a coworker about it.
  • i moved into a new place, and accidentally put a big scratch in the middle of the hardwood floor, which i'll have to pay someone to repair
  • spoke with an ex-girlfriend whom i still have a few feelings for, found out she is seeing someone new
  • work wrote to say i'm finished at the end of the month. they were nice about it but i cant help but think its related to #1.
  • heath insurance application was responded to after 4 months of waiting - got turned down.

on the upside i did get a bunch of new leads on the sailboat i'm trying to sell and i love being in my new place!

Now its IceCondor or Bust!! or one of my other side projects or bust. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (maniacal laugh).