IceCondor alpha release

The first release of IceCondor is available.

Android client setup instructions

  1. Download the Android SDK, available here, and unpack it.
  2. Download the IcePigeon Android client version 20081012, available here. (get source code with git clone
  3. Start the emulator with $ tools/emulator & <[li>
  4. Install the IceCondor client into the emulator with $ tools/adb install -r ../eclipse-workspace/IceNest/bin/IceNest.apk
  5. In the emulator, pull up the application list (the up arrow at the bottom of the screen), and click on IceNest - the map will start moving around as randomly generated locations in portland are sent to the server.

Visit and find your markers. Each client is assigned a marker color. Clicking on the marker will show the unique id that was reported along with the location. To find out your ID, use the menu button in the emulator and select Settings.