geek space

during the bike ride into town today i spent the time dreaming about geek space - renting a section of warehouse or large open office. there would be refrigerators and couches. cafeteria tables and chairs. 24/7 webcams. arduinos for environment monitoring (sound pressure level, temperature). tweeple friends could hang out there like a cafe but they could bring their own food. there would be a projector and probably an xbox with RockBand. most of icecondor's development would happen there.

the only real geek-got-loaded-and-opened-his-own-geek-space example i know of is the DNA Lounge by Jamie Zawinsky. I've been there once. Awesome place to drink and dance.

the Towne building is at the east end of the burnside bridge. ive been there years ago looking for office space for personal telco. i knocked on the door today, no response. the templeton building is right next door. ive been there for the village building convergence in 2006. that entire building is for sale. on the west side of the burnside bridge, the made-in-oregon building has a for lease sign but looks terribly corporate. i want a space for two months at maybe $500/month. it would be like having my own cafe or my own cubespace and it would be open to tweeple i knew. if i could live in that same space (for more money), that would be super-amazing.