IceCondor read/write

Simple read/write operations:

Store the location -122.12, 45.5, 433 under identifier 'donpdonp'. The 302 redirect indicates success. $ curl -i -d location[guid]=donpdonp -d location[lat]=-122.12 -d location[long]=45.5 -d location[altitude]=433 HTTP/1.1 302 Found /typo:code

Retrieve the last location for 'donpdonp'. The output is a hash in JSON format. $ curl {"location": {"updated_at": "2008-09-10T15:20:13Z", "time": null, "guid": "donpdonp", "id": 5, "geom": {"with_z": true, "m": 0.0, "x": 45.5, "y": -122.12, "srid": 4326, "z": 433.0, "with_m": false }, "created_at": "2008-09-10T15:20:13Z" } } /typo:code The SRID is the Spatial Reference System ID where 4326 is the WGS84 standard used by the GPS.