Waiting to Burn

Its sunday night. Im not entirely sure when Kris is coming. It could be anytime between Sunday morning and Monday morning. I've got my stuff packed into two boxes plus water jugs.

My bleached hair is my 'costume' this year. I figure the first year I can absorb more and produce less. I have a book checked out for the time I am hiding from the sun in my tent.

I'm bringing a little LED kit and batteries that will also occupy my time. I might be able to tape it to my arm or the bicycle for night-time uniqueness. Also, none of this may matter as I might be content hanging out with new people the whole week. I'm concerned about noise and being able to sleep. There is a walk-in camp area that i might use if necessary but I'd like to stay with Kris. Kris is a 'ranger' this year and may be wrapped up with other rangers the whole time.

So, lots of unknows and the draw of amazing sights and experiences.

Sunday update: Kris is coming at 1pm. We're going to caravan with 'bluefish' and try and stay at the ranger's camp. Woot. Here we go.