Startup Aspects

Aspects of the new startup thats coming in 2009.

  • Open source code base
  • Creative commons/GPL'ed data
  • Short development cycle
  • Deployed and public from the start

Distribute shares of private stock based on contributions. No employees, no salary. If you contribute, you get some number of shares. The measurement of contribution will be difficult. If the company is purchased or goes public, those shares will be worth something. I imagine a benevolent dictatorship will recognize contributions. Also to incorporate, a standard structure of chairman, board members, and executives must be used.

likely project areas

  • Geolocation
  • Calendaring
  • Personal/Group messaging
  • Contact list management/portability
  • Android platform

To be a part of it, read the project wiki and ticket system, check out the source code. Answer tickets, submit patches like any open source project. What is different is in this project is contributions will be recognized and evaluated for a share reward.

(work in progress)