personal finances

its a simple foundation. at the end of the year you have a number. one number that is assets minus liabilities. that number should be larger than the number from the previous year.

i don't know what that number is for last year. i know what the number is on a month-to-month basis but not for a longer term trend. i aspire to do better in this area. i have a 401k yet i've never considered it's investments. it was in a money-market the whole time. skipping the bubble and the bubble burst was mostly a wash but the recovery since 2003 was unfortunate to miss out on.

so im reading about different Fidelity funds.

here is a movie of the assetcalendar i made during summer 2007. the value is printed at the bottom of every day. new credits or debits affect every date forward of that entry. if done up better, it could be a really useful tool.